2021 Mobilizing Communities

Location: Mandrake Park | 3858 S. Cottage Grove | Chicago IL 60653

Date: August 21, 2021

Event Time: 10:00 am  - 3:00 pm

The timeless game of Chess has so much relevance to modern life: issues of strategy, competition, collaboration, support, promotion and eventually victory!  The Illinois Community Action Agency Programs & Services (ICAAPS) brings to you the 2021 Mobilizing Communities Program on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

Our CHES Model, Community, Housing, Employment and School is incorporated in this event, to help you find resources and referrals to help you find immediate relief now and for the future.


At this event you'll find busineses and organizations, developers, educators and employers from your community, the city and state that have the money, jobs and programs that you can tap into.  You just have to be there to meet them, so it's your move! Click on this link, or the image above to register your attendance.


We are seeking participation from local store owners among our thriving communities to support and help us galvanize the residents, business owners, and community service providers residing in 27 Disproportionately Impacted Areas.  This event will help navigate and bring in severely needed resources from among our funders, builders, developers, educators, and employers statewide, regionally, citywide, and locally for the benefit of hard-hit and hard-to-reach areas that are still falling behind. Your immediate and urgent in-kind support and services are very much needed and welcomed!

This particular setting is about people, partnerships, projects, and programs that can help us facilitate economic development, creative activities, and educational development where it is needed.  In this social networking event, you should feel free to make yourselves and your services and or products available to our guests. This is also the time to talk about hiring good people, expanding in some areas, or other types of partnerships that will benefit those communities and your company as well. Please join us on that day and bring a table, a small canopy, and chairs to make yourselves comfortable.   I am sure that you will find this event very rewarding.

Thanks again for your support because we can’t jumpstart this event without you!


Business Participation: ICAAPS Support Form

Eventbrite Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/87608546521

General Support: https://giv.li/iu5970


About the host

ICAAPS is a resource and referral-based agency designed to assist federal, state, regional, local and tribunal law enforcement officers with alternative tools to meet the community's basic needs. Our efforts are designed to drive immediate resources (funding, placement options and opportunities) to residents, communities, faith-based organizations, schools, shelters and local government agencies when a disaster strikes. This includes all emergency rescue efforts, local or national disaster relief efforts, intervention/ protection initiatives, and transitional or supervision care needs.

Visit us at icaaps.com