"If you want the BEST promotions with the BEST service, love and care, then you are in the right place. Terry Bishop is the man!"

Cassiopeia, The Black Mall

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"Terry Bishop epitomizes the qualities necessary to build relationships and move business initiatives forward. He has a high energy approach to every endeavor. It is no secret that the nursing home business was hit hard by the pandemic. Every facility is facing an uphill battle to rebuild our financial and clinical outcomes to pre-pandemic levels. Terry Bishop was instrumental in developing an on-air advertising campaign for Belhaven Nursing and Rehab. The facility has since seen a dramatic increase in the utilization of our services."

-John Stare. Regional Director, Belhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


"When I think about a person who best exemplifies leadership and a commitment to socially responsible management, Terry Bishop is the first person to come to mind! Terry immediately and consistently has impressed me with his creativity, vision, devotion and personal sense of responsibility about making an impact in the world.

It is the manner with which he works to take initiative, problem solve and collaborate with clients. Terry has that unique capacity to balance experience, knowledge and emotional intelligence in a style that makes people want to be a part of his team. What a wonderful trait! Based on all of this and more, I highly recommend Terry Bishop for your promotional needs and truly look forward to seeing what impact he continues to have in this world!"

- Theodore London, Attorney at Law

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 "While we still need to find ways out of the pandemic slump, Terry Bishop's efforts to help businessses market their way back ot profitablility is a brght spot for business in Chicago.  It is easy to stick your head in the sand and say "this too will pass" but it requires a concerted effort between marketing professionals and smal and medium business to come up woth creative and strategic marketing programs.  

Terry is energetically making the public aware of events and businesses that can benefit their needs, passions and futures!"

- Phil Moy, Windy City Tea

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"I have worked with Bishop Promotions for over a year and they have been very effective and professional throughout our campaigns. Terry has become a trusted partner, he and his staff are a pleasure to work with."

- Percy Gordon, Global 360 Marketing

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“Over the years we have worked with Terry Bishop on several marketing campaigns. Terry is always pleasant to work with and we have built a friendship that is rooted in honesty and integrity.

Terry has been consistent is his efforts to make our presence in the community unforgettable. He welcomes our questions and concerns and provides creative strategies. Although Terry works with numerous organizations, he is always willing to give each client his full attention. He has proven himself as an experienced, attentive professional capable of reaching the masses.”

-Edward and Shirley Calahan – Owners


"Terry's infectious energy will bring life to any promotional event.      Bishop Promotes You.      Highly recommended."

- Kenneth Coats, KENTECH


"Bishop Promotions under the leadership of Terry Bishop has been a key factor as it relates to the success of the Tio Mr. CeaseFire Hardiman WVON Radio Show.  We Started the radio show in April of 2020 during the early morning hours from 6 am to 7 am.  Now, the radio show has been going on for one year and sevaral months.  More sponsors have supported the Radio Show and it has become a big hit on Sunday Mornings.  I attribute this success to Bishop Promotions."

- Tio Hardiman, Chicago Politics / Violence Interrupters / Mr. CeaseFire

 "I have known Terry professionally for over 10 years and his service gets better with time.  Terry helped me create greater brand awareness for my business and increase my bottom line.  He is intentional and strategic with marketing and solutions.  And most importantly, he offers quality service at affordable prices.  Every business owner needs a partner like Terry Bishop to take their company ti the next level."

- Tonya Trice, Owner, Slab Bar-B-Que

"What can I say about Terry Bishop and his Street Marketing Team? You need the word out?  He is your man!

Thank you for the Great Work and Professionalism over the Year.

- Tonya Little, Space Age Marketing

"Terry Bishop is a one time in a generation type of person that you maybe fortune enough to meet. When I talked to Terry on the phone for the first time, I thought he was just another pushy salesperson. Once we sat down and had our first face to face meeting, I had a completely different opinion about who he was.

One thing that kept coming up whenever we were talking: you need to continue to build your brand. For over a decade we have been not just working together to enhance my brand and business, also during that time we have built a great network of partners. My business has more than tripled and continues to grow since that first meeting.

I want to just say (Thanks) Terry for showing me the way to market not only my business but myself".

- Melvin Calahan, Green Construction Holmes Builders LLC

"TB" of Bishop Promotes You is absolutely amazing. He is high energy, professional, prompt and well connected.  I've known "TB" some years now and he is always pleasant, always upbeat and resourceful. So glad our paths crossed many years ago while working at WVON.  Thank you for ALL you do "TB": Bishop Promotes You!!!! 

Warmly, Sista Afrika Porter, Afrika Enterprises Consulting & Public Relations

"Just a quick note to say how grateful we are to Mr. Terry Bishop for his excellent marketing and promotional skills. Terry successfully guided The Black Star Project through major projects including COVID-19 community-wide events, Taste of WVON and our economic empowerment series."

- Gloria Smith, The Black Star Project

"I can't say enough great things about Terry Bishop and Bishop Promotes You. I contacted Mr. Bishop in order to help with the grand opening of my event business.

He is so knowledgable about how to get your name and brand out there. Mr. Bishop worked with my budget and he provided me with all the promotional materials that I needed in order to make my grand opening completely successful.

From the radio plug to the flyers, he did it all. Thank you so much for helping to get my business on the map!"

-Terri, Exquisite Weddings by Terri